We are creating games, mobile games.
In the summer of 2010, 10 people with no previous game-making experience gathered together at a small office to start something fun and different. It took us months to come up with a name for the company. Finally, we decided on a slogan, “Enjoy Your Feeling” since we wanted to create good games, but more importantly, to enjoy creating them. From there, we shortened the slogan to “Enfeel Inc,” and registered it as our official company name, while starting to make a few software prototypes.
December 2010, we finished a project called, “Bird’s Island”. After months of rearranging and fixing the game, we were finally able to put an end to the project in April 2011 with a new name, "Birzzle". As soon as it was released, Birzzle became popular especially in Asia, and reached 7 million downloads worldwide. Birzzle was also nominated for "Most popular paid Apps in Asia - Distimo”. And in November 2010, we made a business alliance with Korea’s No.1 Internet Corporation, “NHN.”
Although we cannot be sure whether our games are going to be popular or not, we will keep creating various games because that is what we enjoy. Our engineers, artists, and directors are moving forward, and so is Enfeel Inc. We believe that “Giving a 100%” is one of the important factors in creating games. We will try our best to create games that everyone can enjoy. Therefore, your interest and warm support will be very much appreciated. :)
We are experimenting different things.
Our software engineers have transplanted the games we released on the market to not only an iOS but also an Android platform. Furthermore, we support new platforms, such as Windows 8. We will do our best so that our past, present, and future customers can enjoy the games without being bounded by the platforms. If you would like our game to be transplanted to your platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@enfeel.com. We will carefully review your proposal and reply as soon as possible.
• Birzzle Fever
• Price : Free
• Release Date : coming soon

• バズルフィーバー
• Prece : $2.99
• Release Date : November, 2013

• Birzzle Fever for Kakao
• Price : Free
• Release Date : August, 2013

• 小鸟爆破狂熱
• Price : Free
• Release Date : June, 2013

• LINE Birzzle Friends
• Price : Free
• Release Date : January, 2013

• LINE Birzzle Plus
• Price : $1.99
• Release Date : July, 2012

• Hangame Birzzle (Kor only)
• Price : Free (Kor Only)
• Release Date : Jan, 2012

• Birzzle Pandora (HD)
• Price : $0.99, $1.99(HD)
• Release Date : April, 2011

We are located in Bundang, South Korea.

(463-847) 12th Fl., KINS Tower, 8, Seongnam-daero, 331 beon, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact & Partnership

If you need any technical support or partnership, mail to contact@enfeel.com. We will contact you after careful consideration.
We are working with great partners.
We are doing business with NHN, Naver, Hangame, Inmobi, iDreamsky, SupaSounds, as well as and many other partners. We greatly appreciate our partners as they provide us with various experience and different perspective. We hope to continue doing business with them, and we also wish to expand business with new partners. If you’re interested in partnership, please contact us at contact@enfeel.com